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This is a delightfully dark and  wicked T.V. series from the early 90's. It was a kids hit in the days when there was limited viewing in the U.K to the basic 5 channels. The producers Cosgrove Hall also produced Dangermouse (also with the voice of David Jason).
The basic story is simple the henchmen (Nanny and Igor) try to reanimate their master and in the process Nanny uses Ketchup in the secret rite instead of blood.. Producing Count Duckula the vegetarian vampire.
It's a kids cartoon but it's also watchable for adults too as it has many witty and entertaining undertones of adult humor.

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Jack May... Igor / ... (35 episodes, 1988-1993)
Brian Trueman... Nanny / ... (35 episodes, 1988-1993)
Jimmy Hibbert... Sviatoslav / ... (35 episodes, 1988-1993)
David Jason... Count Duckula / ... (34 episodes, 1988-1993)
Barry Clayton... Narrator (34 episodes, 1988-1993)